My first hiccup

IMG_3566.jpgIt wasn’t 12 miles at marathon pace, or the 40-minute progression run, or the fast finish long run, or even the 50 steady state minutes that threw the first wrench into my training for the Chicago Marathon. Nope, it was a set of 20 pushups.

About a week ago, I was doing pushups during a break at work. When I was done, while still in the plank position, I lifted my right foot toward my right hand, trying to hop into a standing position when … ouch, that didn’t quite feel right. There was a tug in my right hip. A quick, sharp pain.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, because that quick pain went right away. Over the next few days, I felt a dull ache in there from time to time, but nothing that alarmed me all that much.

Then Friday morning, I went out for an hour run with 6-8×2 minutes on/off mixed in. My left knee was sore because it is always sore, but then my adductor on my right leg felt super fatigued and my hip started to hurt just a bit. After six reps, I called it a day.

Saturday I jogged for a little bit and felt OK, but my hip felt tight after. Sunday I jogged for an hour and 40 minutes and more of the same. Monday was more of the same for 40 minutes. Tuesday was a rest day and Wednesday was that 50 minute steady state run. Warming up, my hip was kind of sore, not quite feel right. During my run, my leg felt tired.

I tested it out this morning and still just don’t feel quite right, so I finally decided that instead of pushing myself into a hole I can get out of, I needed to go get this thing checked out.

The initial diagnosis is a strained hip flexor. Nothing is broken or torn (at least that is the thinking right now), and that is obviously good news. Also, I was told it was OK to run if it didn’t cause me too much discomfort. If anything, the doc said to lay off the intensity for a bit, but she wants me to keep running (if I can without it causing pain) so that I can have some fitness for when I’m ready to ramp the intensity up again in preparation for Chicago. I’m also going to start physical therapy, which is great because I love PT and it will hopefully get me over this shit. The doctor did say the PT may have a different idea on whether I should run or not.

I’m not freaking out (yet) about this, for a couple of reasons. First, I have built a pretty good base and Chicago is still more than 16 weeks away. A couple of down weeks should derail me too badly. Second, I’m going to be doing extra work to get this hip healthy and maybe help out a few other areas (my achey knee) as well.

Marathon training is hard and I figured there would be a few hiccups along the way. I didn’t expect to jack up my hip doing pushups but I’m old, broken, and clumsy, so … shit will happen. It’s time to be smart, take care of myself and not do anything dumb (like run that half marathon I’m signed up for on Saturday). There is plenty of time to put myself back together and get in shape for Chicago.

I’ll be more careful when I do pushups from now on.

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