7 weeks to Chicago, this is where I’m at


6 1/2 miles along the Atlantic: Awesome. Insomnia: Not so much

I ran at 2 a.m. with the moon lighting up an otherwise full black sky. I ran on the treadmill as lightning cracked, thunder roared and rain poured out of the sky. I ran on the Back Cove, dodging the back end of the weekly 5K series. I ran in the cemetery, reading as many headstones as I could while trying to keep my pace easy.

In the 3 weeks since I last posted on this blog I’ve been running. And going to PT. And stretching and rolling. And … well, I’ve been training for a marathon. That’s the easiest way to say it. From that last blogged post through this morning, I have logged 124 miles. I ran 12 miles on that late night/early morning run, I’ve done three speed workouts, I jogged 13.1 miles last Sunday, ran 15.1 miles with a fast finish yesterday, and I’ve jogged a bunch of slow, easy miles.


Ignite the will. Stock the flame. Burn it down. #believeinthefight

I still feel some niggles. My adductor gets a little sore, my hip was bugging me a little bit at the end of my 6-miler this morning, and both feet have hurt a little bit. Nothing, however, has stopped me from getting out and getting in miles. Nothing has stopped me from making forward progress toward Chicago, toward accomplishing my goals on Oct. 13, whatever those may be.

I’ve said it a million times in this training block, but it bears repeating: I’m not where I thought I would be at this point or necessarily where I want to be at this point in training. With that out of the way, I have to say, I think I’m in a pretty good spot.

Ideally, my longest run would be more than 15 miles with just seven weeks left in training. In any other marathon block, I’ve run at least 16 miles for a long run at this point and have topped 50 miles in a week at least a few times.

It would be great to be further along in my training. If I hadn’t tweaked my hip flexor and aggravated my adductor/hamstring, I would have more miles and more workouts under my belt.

I would probably be a lot more beat up, too.

My body feels relatively good right now. I’m tired because my insomnia has flared up lately, and I do have those niggles, but I’m not stiff and sore all the time. Part of that is I’m doing a better job of stretching and rolling, doing the little things to take care of my body. Part of that is I’m listening to my body and easing my way into training. I’m not forcing mileage, I’m not ramping up too fast. I’m taking my time, getting in more and more miles each week, and trying to take care of myself.

I do need to run more miles to get ready for this marathon. I know that and I’m working on that. I’m hoping, though, that by not stressing my body to the max for 18 weeks, like I was absolutely planning on doing before I was forced to slam on the breaks, I will be fresher and healthier when I get to the starting line in Grant Park on Oct. 13.

Maybe this is just my way of justifying where I am right now. I am a little bit worried about the lack of a run longer than 15 miles at this point. I am also excited to feel like I’m in a place right now that I am able to ramp it up and not feel like I’m completely falling apart or falling asleep (well, I do feel like I’m falling asleep but that is because insomnia woke me up 3 hours after I fell asleep last night). Right now, I’m raring to go. I’m ready to tackle workouts and cruise through my long runs.

I’m feeling fresh, I’m feeling mostly healthy, and I’m feeling optimistic that, while I may not be as fast as I was hoping on Oct. 13, I’ll toe the line in Chicago ready to cover 26.2 miles feeling good and in a solid frame of mind (PMA all day).

2 thoughts on “7 weeks to Chicago, this is where I’m at

  1. Sally Ericson

    This is cool, what you’re doing. Really impressive. You’d PPH pals are gonna be rooting for you big time 🙂

    1. Scott Martin Post author

      Thanks Sally, I can’t wait … well, I need those 7 weeks of training but you know what I mean.


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