A forced break closing in on a milestone

One down, one to go.

The 10 year anniversary of the day I became a runner is a month away, and I haven’t run for 11 days. There are a handful of reasons I haven’t run, and I’m not worried about falling out of the habit, I just wish that when I celebrated 10 years, I would be in a better spot. 

My running break started last Wednesday when I tweaked my left calf during a speed session. My left Achilles/ankle has bothered me off and on for months, and Wednesday that pain grabbed my calf and forced me to stop running. Unfortunately, I was 2.5 miles from home. It was a long walk because every step hurt. 

My calf feels better now and I am scheduled to get some professional help with the issue soon. But other issues cropped up to keep my from running. Specifically, I have a painful infection on the back of my leg and I am experiencing side effects from my first COVID-19 vaccination dose. The past week has been kind of a shit show. Sitting hurts, my whole body is been sore, and I’ve had a fever the last few days. 

I want to run. I feel miserable being stuck in the house, physically and mentally unable to get out the door to even jog a few miles. As I wrote in the last blog, I was just starting to ramp things up and feel better about myself after struggling with motivation and other health-related issues during the pandemic. That desire to run is why I am not worried about falling out of the running habit. I’ve stuck with this for 10 years, I’m confident a little bit of forced down time isn’t going to derail my running habit. 

The whole thing is just super frustrating, but I have to pause and remember to be grateful. I’m grateful I’ve been able to do this for almost 10 years and accomplish things I never even considered before I started running. I’m grateful I have the means to take care of these things that are keeping me from running. I’m grateful that I’m having a few side effects from a vaccine for COVID-19 rather than dealing with the disease itself.

At some point before I celebrate my 10 year anniversary of that first run I’m sure I will log some miles. I won’t run much and I’m sure it will be super slow, but I’ll be sure to enjoy every step. I look forward to the day when I can actually train, when life returns to whatever normal is post-pandemic, when I have goals to chase and I’m able to get myself out the door to chase them. 

Until then, I’ll do what I have to do to clear up this infection, wait for these vaccine side effects to subside, get my calf taken care, and be grateful for all running has given me. And I’ll look forward to the day when I’m back on the roads, reaping running’s benefits. 

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